Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Small Groups . . . Really!

You've heard it . . . People,
People who need people,
Are the luckiest people in the world
We're children, needing other children
And yet letting a grown-up pride
Hide all the need inside
Acting more like children than children  (Songwriters: BAINBRIDGE, ADAM)

The Bible declares the same truth.

We hear a lot about small groups in churches, but they are often bible studies, discipleship groups or "part of the church program".  We organize them, manage them and complicate them.  Small groups should be the expression of a God-given reality that people need people, nothing more and nothing less.

No one had to organize small groups for the early church.  Hanging together in church, in their homes and demonstrating a real love for one another came natural.

Thom Rainer discloses five myths about small groups that are worthy of consideration.

The real question is . . . who are you doing life with?  What does your herd look like?

I don't know about you, but I battle with this reality.  I have to be intentional about being with people . . .  I'm a man.  I have discovered that the worst thing I can do is to try to do life alone.  Maybe it's my "grown-up pride" or maybe I've complicated the whole thing, but I know I have to be more intentional about identifying people I can hang with . . . people I can mentor and people who can mentor me.

What do you think?