Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday School

It could be that our pastor struck on one of the biggest problems facing the church in America. We have been so influenced by the scientific atheism of our culture that we often divide the "spiritual" from the "secular". We are all about what we learned on Sunday, but then comes Monday and we play by a different rulebook.

This may explain the absence of light and salt in the American culture. We need to take what we learned in Sunday School and apply it in the classroom in Monday School. The classroom may change from the church building to a workplace, home, market or school, but the lessons continue to be the same: You shall know the Truth and the Truth will set you free.

I learned two things today because I decided to continue to apply what is being taught to me on Sunday: (Value Potential and a new understanding of "if you say so, Lord" from Luke 5:4-6.)

1. Since we learned about potential on Sunday, my mind was evaluating reaching my potential. As I prayed and began "looking for direction", I ran across an article that reminded me that discipline is the pathway to potential. I "heard" a clear challenge to my heart concerning my need to step up my discipline.

2. My mind has been spinning about all the stuff that could be done and should be done. I found a second lesson today that will shape the rest of my week. "Do well with what you have"

I have my assignments for the week. "Refocus on discipline" and "Eat what is on your plate before you ask for more."

What have you learned in Monday School as you apply what you learned on Sunday.