Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Rolling Very Fast - Uphill

Moving at a high rate of speed can be very exciting, sometimes intimidating, sometimes overwhelming and sometimes scary. Generally, when I think of going fast it involves going downhill (That's the only time I went fast on my bicycle ride from Maine to Georgia). I grew up near Maple Grove Drag Strip and know that you can also go very fast on a flat quarter-mile strip of asphalt.

Rarely do I think of going fast uphill, and yet that is exactly what is involved in a rapidly growing ministry. Going fast uphill has its challenges. You are fighting gravity (the status quo). It takes above-average energy to keep up the pace. When you let off the gas things slow down very quickly. Finally, the thought of a never ending climb can become overwhelming and discouraging.

There is a Haitian proverb that comes to mind today. "Never look a mountain in the face or it will slay you. Watch where you are walking and you will climb the mountain." Paying attention to. . . being engaged in . . . and even enjoying the present, while pressing on to the future is the secret to rolling very fast - uphill.

Just thinking . . .